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Infectious disease "Nipah virus", a deadly virus disease Still without a vaccine

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Infectious disease "Nipah virus", a deadly virus disease Still without a vaccine

Post by jiraporn66 » Tue Jan 12, 2021 10:14 am


New coronavirus slotxo outbreak 2019 causes COVID-19 Today there are more than 40 million people worldwide and over a million deaths. The disease has made people more alert about viral infections. And know that some viruses can be transmitted from animals to people as well But in addition to the new coronavirus 2019, there is another virus that can be transmitted from animals to humans as well, the Nipah virus. That caused the Nipah virus infection At present there is no specific drug and vaccine. And can be fatal

Hello, the doctor will take you to know more about this disease.

What is Nipah virus infection?
Nipah virus infection is an infectious disease from zoonotic disease caused by Nipah virus (NiV), a virus belonging to the group of parasites. (Paramyxovirus) in addition to being transmitted from animals to people The disease can also be spread through food or water contaminated with the Nipah virus. Or can be contacted from person to person as well Infection with the Nipah virus can result in a wide variety of symptoms. Since infection asymptomatic Acute respiratory disease To encephalitis that can be life threatening

The first epidemic of the Nipah virus was spread in 1999, with the first infection among the hog farmers in the village of Sungai Nipah, Malaysia. Before the disease spreads to other areas Including Singapore Most of the patients were infected by touching or consuming infected meat, such as pork, and more than 40% of those were hospitalized for severe neurological disease. Until finally causing death

Subsequent outbreaks occurred in India and Bangladesh. Caused by the patient touching or consuming fresh fruit Or processed fruit such as dates contaminated with urine or the saliva of bats infected with the Nipah virus.

Signs and symptoms of Nipah virus infection
After the body has been infected with the Nipah virus The infection takes about 5-14 days, but it has been reported. Some patients had an incubation period of up to 45 days when infected with the Nipah virus. Patients will begin to show symptoms of the disease 3-14 days after being infected. Common symptoms such as fever, headache, drowsiness, perception of the environment. (Disorientation) with mental confusion. And symptoms of the disease can be severe to coma within 24-48 hours, some Nipah virus infection patients May suffer from respiratory disease during the early stages of the infection. While more than 50% of patients have severe neurological and pulmonary symptoms.

Most people with Nipah are recovered. If appropriate treatment But Nipah virus infections may have long-term consequences, such as chronic seizures. Personality changes Some patients may develop latent nipah virus infection. Or relapsing disease Until death after infection for several months or years

Nipah virus disease risk groups
People of all sexes and ages who live in areas where local animals are infected are all at risk of Nipah virus infection. Human nipah virus infection is caused by contact with infected people or animals such as bats, pigs, horses, as well as contact with tissues. And secretions from infected people or animals as well According to statistics from the past outbreaks, most of those infected were those with family members infected. Or be a carer for a patient with Nipah virus infection

How to treat Nipah virus infection
There is currently no vaccine or medicine specifically for the Nipah virus infection. The treatment that can be done is symptomatic treatment that occurs in each patient. Especially neurological disease and fever if a patient has severe symptoms. May need a ventilator as well Studies have shown that the antiviral drug Ribavirin may help relieve nausea, vomiting and seizures. But the evidence for this is still limited. Therefore further research must be conducted

Healthcare workers are required to supervise patients with Nipah virus infection closely. To prevent worsening of the patient's condition They also need to monitor, prevent and control disease outbreaks.

How to prevent Nipah virus infection?
We can prevent Nipah virus infection. In the following way

Avoid contact with sick animals such as pigs and bats in endemic areas.
Do not consume raw meat Or dead meat
Eat only cooked meats. And should not consume cooked food in contact with raw food
Always clean ingredients such as meats, vegetables and fruits before using them.
Avoid entering areas where live animals or carcasses are traded.
Always wash your hands thoroughly with soapy water, especially after going to the bathroom. Before and after eating After touching someone who has symptoms of a respiratory infection such as a runny nose, cough, sneezing
Strictly adhere to anti-epidemic measures


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