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Fex: "Das ist die Beste aller Dehnübungen!"

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Fex: "Das ist die Beste aller Dehnübungen!"

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Flex: "Das ist die Beste aller Dehnübungen!"

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I wanted to thank you

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15 Best Blogs to Follow About x

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Germany a culture in crisis: how do Europe's cultures cope?

• Follow Comment is free on Twitter @commentisfree

Opposition wants green light given to school zone expansion

In the end, school zone expansion appears likely for the upcoming school year. However, when it comes to what happens once school zones expand, it might not be good news for residents of the south.

The Planning Commission voted to approve an application to the South Bay Regional Plan Commission to issue a variance allowing for expansion of the South Bay School Zone to include additional elementary and secondary schools along the South Bay High Street corridor along Bayshore Boulevard and along Bayshore Drive. The Bayshore Avenue school zone has a total area of about 6,350 square feet and the school zone encompasses a total of 15 schools, which includes a school on the ground floor and four on the first floor, plus a fifth on the second floor of the adjacent buildings.

A variance would be limited to up to 20 school acres with the school zone expanded to include three additional secondary schools that are located in schools on Bayshore Boulevard (1,200 to 1,650 square feet) and in the middle of Bayshore Street (600 to 650 square feet), which would have a total area of about 7,500 square feet.

"What is good for the area is not necessarily good for the rest of Oakland, unless we don't do anything about it," said Planning Commission member David J. Moore, who proposed the school expansion variance.

According to Moore, the South Bay School Zone expansion would benefit residents of the area south of Bayshore, particularly those in the southern suburbs, although the proposal by Bayshore Avenue School District would only affect schools on Bayshore Street.

"I would take pride in the fact that we are the only school district to have done that, which is a really important piece of the South Bay Regional Plan," Moore said.

However, residents and other developers say that Bayshore Avenue's school zone expansion in the area would be disastrous for residents who live in the southern part of the neighborhood.

Joe Dyer, who is part of a nonprofit called "We Want a Better South Bay," supports the school zone expansion proposal and says there are many things going on with Bayshore Avenue schools that are problematic.

In fact, he said the proposal to allow for expanding the South Bay school zone would give Bayshore Avenue residents a reason to move out of the southern part of the district.

"The district has taken over areas of this whole district that were previously in a vacant lot, the area around Bayshore," Dyer said.

The Bayshore Avenue community is upset at what Dyer sees as the school district overstepping its bounds in terms of how it's building its schools, whic

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