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Neurontin is an ideal treatment for epilepsy and neuropathy:
In the beginning, before we deal with the topic of addiction to Neurontin pills, we want to shed light on these pills and know the types of diseases that are affected by these pills, or more precisely, the diseases that heal thanks to the strength of these pills, because the medical laboratories that invented these pills and their active substance intended them Treating some diseases such as:

The active substance of this pill called gabapentin mainly treats epileptic cases and seizures.
By regulating neurotransmitters, adjusting brain electricity and brain chemistry, so that it greatly controls epileptic seizures.
And it eliminates any effects through which some of the incidental aspects can be on the health of a person with this disease.
These pills are ideal for treating disorders of the central nervous system, which is known as neuropathy.
It completely treats and controls these seizures, by working across multiple neurotransmitters.
Within the brain cells, thus relieving the pain resulting from these spasms and ailments.
The neotinine pills also treat nerve pain caused by the herpes virus.
Which causes some nerve spasms at times, but these pills work to relieve them significantly.
These great benefits of this drug, it does not prevent that it has great risks, perhaps one of the most important of them is that with continuous use without careful medical supervision, a person may become addicted to it, and get used to it, because of the comfort and happiness that he always feels after taking this drug, which means that more Of course, subject to contraindications to this drug, and it may also be reflected in the diseases that it mainly treats, by being exposed to negative aspects

In this regard. As for the effects of addiction to Neurontin pills on the brain, we get to know them through the following point.

The brain is the biggest victim of a Neurontin addiction:
Through medical reports, and recently published global studies, it is evident the risk of addiction to Neurontin pills on the brain, and perhaps a study published on the medical site Daily Fibromyagia is the most important in this regard, which confirmed that these pills have strong effects on the neurotransmitters of the brain, as it works according to this study To inhibit and disrupt the nervous structure of cells inside the brain from forming and renewing again, which in turn damages the neurons of the human brain.

According to the study also, these pills mainly affect the brain and classified it as the most dangerous substance known to mankind that quickly destroys nerve cells, this is in cases of misuse or use without medical supervision, which was confirmed by the study, which indicated that illegal promotions in the market of narcotic pills This resulted in a great deal of abuse on the part of addicts, which greatly affected the addiction processes, and thus the spread of great damage to the brain.

These were the damages of the addiction Neurontin pills to the human brain, but it is not the only one, the body is also exposed to several serious dangers as a result of addiction, which is what we address and shed light on in the next point.

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The addiction to Neurontin pills .. Dire consequences for the human body and all of its organs:
The addiction to Neurontin pills results in a human body whose organs are destroyed, due to what is produced by the active substance and its strong effects on the body, in the event that it is used excessively, and in high doses without careful supervision and without the need to take it in the cases that we have already referred to in the first point of this article As for the organic damages, they are as follows:

The addict has been subjected to complete destruction of the functions of the urinary system, especially the kidneys, which are affected by functional failure.
And complete damage in some severe addictive cases an imbalance of blood cells.
The circulatory system is especially high in blood sugar.
Which means that this medicine is mainly forbidden if the patient already has diabetes.
So what if he is an addict who uses these pills excessively and he already has this disease.
This undoubtedly results in very serious complications, such as the addict's entry into a coma due to diabetes that may lead to death in the end.
The addict suffers if he is a teenager or at a young age, with several serious symptoms, such as a delay in the mental and physical development of them, as it is known that adolescents under the age of fifteen need to grow rapidly, this addiction undoubtedly affects this growth. The addict has some outward symptoms such as persistent headache, urinary tract infections, persistent high blood pressure, dizziness and nausea.

There are also dangers and damages to addiction to Neurontin pills on pregnant and lactating women, through the effect of these pills on the fetus, and its congenital malformations, and this is in the case of the addiction of the pregnant mother to these pills without proper and accurate medical supervision on her condition, and the infant also suffers from some nervous spasms due to the effect These are pills that pass through breast milk to the infant.

The addiction to Neurontin pills .. Dire consequences for the human body and all of its organs:
These were the physical and organic symptoms, but these symptoms are not limited only, there are some other serious mental and psychological symptoms, which are no less dangerous to physical dangers, and these dangers are represented through the following symptoms:

Insomnia, stress and severe mental disorders represented by daily mood swings that affect normal human activities.
These symptoms are accompanied by loss of appetite, or binge eating in some cases, the addict suffers from confusion and a delay in thinking.
And stuttering in some cases, with slow behavior in normal logical matters related to daily activities.
Which affects a person's ability to work, the addict also suffers from memory loss, either partially or completely in some cases.
It is one of the advanced symptoms that a long-term addict suffers from these pills.
Addicted to these pills becomes depressed, and constantly thinking about suicide and self-elimination, and this depression.
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